art of living

"Tell me what you eat,

I’ll tell you what you are”

At La Cuisine-Comptoir we question our food choices and their consequences on the field of life. We believe that gastronomy is an art of living and a science that combines the laws of physics, chemistry and all the laws of nature. Which combines both art and know-how.

We seek, modestly inspired by Brillat-Savarin and his «Meditations of Transcendent Gastronomy», to awaken minds by linking cultural aspects to the pleasures of the table. For us, meeting producers, choosing food, preparing, cooking, dressing, tasting… these are all ways to act on health, happiness, conviviality, the environment, the local economy and politics. We nourish our work as craftsmen and cooks and sharpen our sense of good living together.

Our kitchen wants to offer you dishes as close as possible to the products in order to create a link between you, eaters, and our peasant friends of the land and the sea, who feed us.

Our menu, in tribute to the «Physiology of Taste», aims to be like a collection of pretty anecdotes and beautiful stories about the art of knowing how to eat and the act of eating to know.

“Gastronomy is the reasoned knowledge of everything that relates to man as he feeds.

Its purpose is to ensure the preservation of men, with the best possible food.”

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin